By: Chelsea Vang

Instagram: itschelseachels

*All photos were taken by me*

Hi, Creators! This week I felt a little daring and wanted to create a DIY that was simple, fun, and trendy…of course! I have been noticing flame prints in street style and so far I am loving it! Flames give off a vibe of danger, edge, and badass-ness to an individual’s outfit. If you are loving this trend then keep on reading to create your own!


The materials you will need for today’s DIY are a trash bag, pen, brush (recommended to have one thin precise and thick brush), scissor, thread, needle, red and yellow fabric paint, tweezer, and a white t-shirt.


First, measure the desired length of your crop top and cut a small slit in the shirt to help guide you when cutting the t-shirt.


Next, look for an image of flames and free hand it on the shirt. Feel free to create a flame stencil if you are uncomfortable with drawing the flame free handily.


Then, lay down the trash bag under the shirt and prepare your colors to paint.


The first color is start off with is yellow. Paint the empty spaces and do not worry if the lines are not clean and neat.


After, take a thinner precise brush and use the red paint to outline the flames. This will help clean any messy lines from the yellow paint and it will enhance the flames.


This is how the shirt will look like after you are done painting the flames.


As the paint dries down, fold the sleeves and sew them into place.


Next, use the scissor to cut the shirt at the places where you want it to be distress. Then grab the tweezers and pluck away!


There you have it! A trendy flame crop t-shirt with distressing details! This is perfect for the flaming hot summer ahead of us! It was so fun creating this and the great thing is that it took me less than an hour. If you are feeling daring then you’ll love this DIY!

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By: Chelsea Vang

Instagram: itschelseachels

*All photos were taken by me.

Hello, Creators! Fashion is not always about the clothes you wear, it also about accessories that goes with. Accessories are a great way to make a statement. For example, bracelets are a means to enhance the clothes you are already wearing. It can help personalize your style or express something you believe in. For today’s DIY, we will be creating dainty bracelets!


The materials you will need: paper, scissor, twine (or anything to wrap around your wrist), shrink dinks, sharpies, hold puncher (not in image), and a gold paint pen (optional), paint (optional), paint brush (optional).


First, find designs you want for your pin. You can either draw them out and get creative or simply just print out the designs you want. But make sure to enlarge them because they will shrink!


Next, place one shrink dink on top of your designs with the pre-sanded side up.


Now, you can begin to color the rainbow! In this case, the rainbow is your designs.


After, cut out the artwork on the line or leave some space around it. In addition, hole punch both sides of the design to make an opening for the twine to pass through.


Then, place the pieces on a tray that is either cover with aluminum foil or parchment paper.


Preheat your oven according to the instructions of your Shrink Dink.


Now, it’s time to bake the goods for 1-3 minutes! You’ll see them curl up during the baking process but that is normal!


Once they are done baking take the tray out of the oven and the foil with the designs off of the tray to let it cool down for 1 minute. After the cooling process, paint the back of any designs that needs to be painted and let it dry for 30 minutes.


Next, take the twine and wrap it around your wrist to measure out the length but add a few inches. Then, cut the twine from your measurements and cut in one more time in half.


Insert the twine in one hole then tie a knot. Do the same steps to the other side. The last step is to tie a knot to both ends to connect them!


Your masterpiece is complete! These dainty bracelets are a great accessory to add on to anything you own. We hope we love them as much as we do!

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