By: Chelsea Vang

Instagram: itschelseachels

*All photos were taken by me*

Hi, Creators! This week I felt a little daring and wanted to create a DIY that was simple, fun, and trendy…of course! I have been noticing flame prints in street style and so far I am loving it! Flames give off a vibe of danger, edge, and badass-ness to an individual’s outfit. If you are loving this trend then keep on reading to create your own!


The materials you will need for today’s DIY are a trash bag, pen, brush (recommended to have one thin precise and thick brush), scissor, thread, needle, red and yellow fabric paint, tweezer, and a white t-shirt.


First, measure the desired length of your crop top and cut a small slit in the shirt to help guide you when cutting the t-shirt.


Next, look for an image of flames and free hand it on the shirt. Feel free to create a flame stencil if you are uncomfortable with drawing the flame free handily.


Then, lay down the trash bag under the shirt and prepare your colors to paint.


The first color is start off with is yellow. Paint the empty spaces and do not worry if the lines are not clean and neat.


After, take a thinner precise brush and use the red paint to outline the flames. This will help clean any messy lines from the yellow paint and it will enhance the flames.


This is how the shirt will look like after you are done painting the flames.


As the paint dries down, fold the sleeves and sew them into place.


Next, use the scissor to cut the shirt at the places where you want it to be distress. Then grab the tweezers and pluck away!


There you have it! A trendy flame crop t-shirt with distressing details! This is perfect for the flaming hot summer ahead of us! It was so fun creating this and the great thing is that it took me less than an hour. If you are feeling daring then you’ll love this DIY!

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