By: Desteny Villa

This week we’ll be creating something small and simple to add to our spring wardrobe. These pink and yellow earrings are perfect for this season. Not only can earrings add a touch of sophistication to any outfit, but it’ll brighten up any face as well.

*All photos were taken by me.

Time Estimation: 2 hours



Statement beads
Swarovski crystal small & regular size
Silver chain
Two different sizes of pins

First, grab the largest size of the pins and start by adding a small clear crystal. Then, add your statement bead. Add one more small clear crystal, then put the pin through the silver chain.

After putting the pin through the silver chain, use the pliers to hold and bend the pin into a right angle and then, start twisting around. (Make sure to leave about 2 cm open for the twist for each bead.)

Then, you can repeat the same procedure for the other crystals that will hang in-between. But make sure to have each bead in a different loop of the silver chain.

After you add as many beads you want, you can cut the chain off from the second to last loop from the top and attach the earring loop and close it with the pliers. After that, 2 hours have passed and you’re done! And look! Oh, so pretty!





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