By: Desteny Villa

*All photos were taken by me.

So my DIY creation for the week is pretty simple. I’m sticking to the basics, with a solid black skinny scarf. It’s simple enough to wear it diversely with any outfit and it adds a cool vibe to any style, while still remaining playful.

What’s so great about scarves is that they’re year round accessories. And skinny scarves are a perfect companion for any spring and summer outfit, because of their simplistic decorative purpose, which makes them breathable.


Time estimation: 30 minutes

You’ll need a few supplies:

  • Silky fabric
  • Black thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine or fabric glue
  • Iron
  • Pins are optional


First, you would need to cut your fabric to the size you want. Then, you’ll need to pin the fabric down so you’ll be able to iron straight. If you don’t have pins just use a paperweight to hold down the ends, so you’ll be able to iron straight.


Then, sew down the edge.



Tie a knot with the thread after sewing each end.


Trim any excessive fabric from the seam.


Turn fabric inside out.


Iron the end edge inwards and close the seam either by machine or sewing by hand.

And you’re done!


Just wrap it around your neck, you can try knotting at the front or just throw it around your shoulder! There are so many ways to wear it and don’t stop from personalizing, I simply gave you the template of your canvas, so enjoy and experiment!

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