Embroidered Denim Jacket

By: Chelsea Vang

*All photos were taken by me.

Happy Monday, Creators! I noticed that embroidery has been all over the runways for Spring 2017. Being on trend can be costly, but not if you can do it yourself! Here is an inexpensive alternative to help you stay on trend, and keep money in your pockets, for this season!


Here are the materials you will need: denim jacket, needle, pins (or tape), a blank sheet of paper, pen, scissor, and embroidery threads (color of your choice).


First, on a blank document chose the font and size for the word you will be embroidery on your denim jacket.


Next, print and cut out your word.


Then you will pin and adjust it to the denim jacket until you are satisfied.


Once that is done, use a pen to trace out the stencil you created.


It should look something like this afterward.


Next step is to thread the embroidery thread into the needle and create a knot at the end of it. Now you’re ready to start embroidering!


Pull the needle through from the back of the denim jacket


To begin, I am embroidering in a horizontal direction then I will follow the direction of each curve in the letters.


Here you have it! Your trendy embroidered jacket should look like this once it is done!

Staying on trend does not have to mean spending hundred of dollars when you can do it yourself! Look good for the upcoming season with keeping money in your pocket. Stay tuned for next week’s inexpensive DIY!

Instagram: itschelseachels

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